Chef Avenell’s Confectionery & International Coffees

It’s a pleasure for Chef Avenell’s Confectionery and International Coffees, to be a part of Luling, TX Chamber.  I am looking forward to working with you.  We have a variety of sweets, some of our scrumptious cakes are Kentucky Bourbon, German Chocolate, Chocolate, Run Tequila just name it and we have the cake.

International coffee is another of our specialties Ethiopian, Kenya, Costa Rican, and Jamaican Blue Mountain.  Chef Avenell is known for her gourmet dishes one of her specialties is chicken salad on a croissant, and Chef Avenell never forgets your pooch take home a bag of fresh baked doggie cookies.

 Don’t forget you can order your sweets from my online sweet shop!

Call a day in advance for Lunch orders, if we’re busy leave a message.  

Large Orders 2-day Advance and don’t forget your holiday sweets. 

Call:  830.515.6436 or E-mail:  

Serving Luling Texas, McMahan Texas, and Lockhart Texas.


We accept all major credit cards. No personal checks.  Please Look for Specials on our Facebook Page.    Card Charges 2.75% will be added for credit card fees  **  Phone: 830.515.6436, We accept all major credit cards.  No personal checks.