Bistro Reviews

Reviews from Bistro Customers



Amy Casto Seidel – Unique and delicious! We will go back!



Liz Rust Greinke – Wonderful food! I’m so glad I stopped for lunch.




Cile Weaver Cormier – Yum yum yum. It’s hard to even express how amazing the food, service, and atmosphere is. Must try for foodies. You will LOVE!!!  

Ps: a little disturbed that the person who posted before me gave a low rating before she has even visited based on the menu. It’s all about QUALITY, not quantity. Great job Chef Avenell and Shannon!!!


Fallon Boenig – Wonderful service and great food! Purchased mini sandwiches for an event and was blown away by the flavor! The smell, as you enter the bistro, is amazing! Can’t wait to go back for a sit-down lunch!


Holly Goodman – I have never had a bad meal here. The food is fresh & made with love and pride. So glad we have such a unique place to eat among all the Bar B Q and Mexican food.  The chef is a gem!